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, president obama's nominee for labor secretary, is getting similar treatment. behind the scenes senate democrats are preparing, this is real, i talked to someone on the hill about this today, they're preparing to change filibuster, invoking the so-called nuclear option to change senate rules to only a simple majority would be required to confirm nominees for federal agencies' cabinet appointments. senate democrats are at long last way, way, way overdue coming to a conclusion only a reasonable person can. the filibuster is a cancer that is threatening to kill off not just the senate but the executives' ability to do the routine daily functions of government. joining me now, senator jeff merkley, democrat from oregon. senator sherrod brown, democrat from ohio. senator brown, i want to twin with you. this can all take on a grounds hog day quality. republicans are blocking nominees and people say, well both sides do it and when it was a republican president, democrats blocked nominees. there's something qualitatively different about blocking nominees not because you have an objection to th
have these virtual experiences, they're not free. they change the way you think about yourself. >> reporter: or, about your future self. for better or worse. >> sreenivasan: wonder what paul would look like if his image was morphed with the face of president obama or mitt romney? take a look on our website. also there, read more from paul's conversation with jeremy bailenson on how virtual reality could influence political choices. >> suarez: again, the major developments of the day: the prosecution wrapped up its case against george zimmerman, charged in the shooting death of trayvon martin, an unarmed teenager, in sanford, florida. house republicans pushed through a scaled-down farm bill after delaying action on food stamps. and in iraq, 40 or more people were killed in a series of bombings and shootings as the muslim holy month of ramadan began. >> sreenivasan: and some economic stories to find online. we reported the dow soared today, but one feisty financial economist predicts a major market drop in the near future. find that on making sense. also there, just how important
stems from continued efforts of republicans to block president obama's appointments. this has been going on for years now literally. reid wants to alter the dynamic requiring a simple majority to change senate rules as opposed to the 67 currently needed so that actually something could happen. and to filibuster on an executive branch nominee could be broken with 51 votes instead of the current 60 vote threshold so maybe hopefully joe something could happen, but instead, what we watch is these two guys droning on about how much they don't like each other. >> yeah. you know, harry reid may, in fact, be remembered as a subparma jorty leader presiding over some of the worst days in the history of the senate in modern history. he has been a shadow of what george mitchell was, what bob dole was, what tom daschle was. people even in our time have been. but, if, in fact, howard dean, he is remembered as a less than effective majority leader, it sure as hell won't be because he changed filibuster rules that actually helped things get done in the united states senate. >> it is a very interesting d
at the top of president obama's homeland security department. just in time for a bruising debate over immigration reform. this is "special report." good evening, i'mr. janet napolitano, homeland security secretary, is quitting. mike emanuel has how big a change this will be, especially in the immigration debate, how it could effect that. we begin with chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge on today's stunner. good evening. >> reporte
over a rule change. it would allow presidential nominations to pass with a majority. president obama has said republicans have held up his appointments, some for nearly two years. kristen, this fight got personal in the senate this week. we saw some of the statements being made. how is the white house handling this debate? >> reporter: the white house is standing behind harry reid. he's threatening to get rid of the filibuster using the nuclear option that would require executive branch nominees to have 51 votes instead of 60. they are pointing to the obstructionism. you mentioned that chuck hagel was filibustered. the fact that the president's judicial nominees have waited on average more than 200 days. compare to under george w. bush where they waited 175 days. republicans are digging in their heels. mitch mcconnell has said if reid using the nuclear option he'll go down in history as being the worst leader of the senate ever. the white house in a bit of a tricky spot because when president obama was a senator back in 2005 he said he was opposed to the nuclear option and would only
that student loans are being paid by college students beendyond are doubled. they can change it retro actively so there hasn't been a big hustle about it. president obama in previous years has made a big year they haven't dealt with it so this is number one immediate thing on their agenda. for the house, they have to figure out what they're doing on immigration. the senate right before they left has f passed an immigration bill, 68 votes pretty big bipartisan votes. the house has said it's dead on arrival. we're not taking up this measure. but they have to write them and put it through the house and get it through the floor which has been a challenge for the republican leadership. so those are the elements. and the washington story now if it happens would be national story. there's talk about changing the rules for the filibuster in the senate called the nuclear option would they blow up the ability of the minority to prevent legislation to be blocked by 60 vote threshhold. host: they got immigration through what's motivating that? it seems less of a priority. guest: a few things. for senate d
has until thursday to collect some 3700 signatures needed to get on the ballot. gregg: well, the obama administration is set to unveil a slew of new environmental regulations, but the new rules go far beyond the president's original plans for confronting climate change. they now cover everything from methane emissions in landfills to pollution runoff onboard military ships and will like lu draw -- likely draw heavy scrutiny from lawmakers, advocacy groups and businesses alike. joining us now, steve moore with "the wall street journal." good to see you. >> hi, gregg. gregg: you call this economic strangulation by regulation. what do you mean? >> well, we're seeing a huge power grab almost unprecedented really in this administration, gregg, and, you know, if you look at the cost of regulation on the american economy, by some estimates a new study is out there that estimates about $1.5 trillion a year. now, these regulations you're talking about, many of them having to do with global warming, these are regulations that president obama tried to get through congress and failed, and now he's
that many macro and even long short hedge funds steer clear of it. when you layer on the fact that obama's new law is being phased in over time and that short term changes such as the division just last week to put off an employer health care requirement to 2015 at a good deal of volatility and enough to turn many investors off. but one person who has traded it phenomenally is larry robbins. he recommended four for profit hospital stocks and two of those are up by triple digits since then. it argues it needs a new board that can better manage it cash flow. i'm looking forward to hearing more from robbins where he'll be discussing obamacare and its impact along with two money managers that know a lot more than we do about the subject. from thank you, kate. we'll continue talking about this. the world of hedge funds with joining us now, the man of the hour, eric seigal. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to talk about what's going on in the hedge fund world and the kinds of returns we're getting. there is one piece of news that comes out today which is that the se
. president obama is considering withdrawing all u.s. troops from there by the end of next year and that would be a change from the current plan to have a thousand stay behind and be advisers. in recent weeks, the white house has become increasingly frustrated with afghan president hamid karzai. >>> also, overnight, a stunning revelation about the hunt for osama bin laden. he was reportedly inside a car, pulled over for speeding in pakistan, not long after 9/11. but the police officer apparently didn't recognize him because bin laden was clean shaven. a leaked report from the pakistani government reveals that bin laden wore a cowboy hat in his garden to avoid being spotted by drones. >>> well, the white house is refusing to cut off aid to egypt despite the deepening crisis in that country. soldiers shot dozens of protesters monday. egypt's interim leader has called for new elections within six months. >>> and closer to home, look at this severe storm dumping record rain on the city of toronto in the middle of the evening rush stranding thousands of commuters, opening up huge sinkholes and forc
for fundamental change in the education system from itadle all the way to career. starts with making high-quality preschool available to every family and president obama has outlined a plan to do just that. it is expensive and paid for. with the cigarette tax. it needs to happen. investing in high-quality early childhood education is the best investment we can make. --12 level, we are supporting the state led fight to raise academic standards. this is a game changer. we need to set a high meaningful doorsr opens to innovation that can work in almost every state. we are investing billions of dollars that is creating online assessments tied to higher and more rigorous standards. those assessments will replace traditional fill in the bubbles standardized tests. to give assessments, most schools require bandwidth that they do not have right now. at the college level, pushing --w ideas to make all its more to make college more affordablebecause students and families cannot keep up with the costs. at every stage along the educational continuum, we need created competitive funds aime
amendment. what we're asking is how do you apply it in this technological age. >> everything's changed since -- >> stephanie: even since the bush administration started. you know, i get it. some people use this as a club against obama no matter which side you're on. part of this is technology. let's go to tom in albuquerque. hello, tom. >> hi, steph. how you doing? >> caller: concerning fisa, the problem is not that the administration is utilizing the fisa court. the problem is that congress set up fisa under the constitution. it can set its jurisdiction under the constitution. and if you want to change it, then congress can change it. but as long as that tool is available to any president the president's going to utilize the tools that have been made available to him. >> stephanie: right. we're going to talk to rude pundit coming up at the bottom of the hour. not a lot of happy clappy stuff. >> no. >> stephanie: you know this is the other -- i think on the other side, jim, the other extreme is the whole you're with cheney. okay. if you think this, then you're with cheney. there is a pretty
a month when president obama and the chinese president met at the resort in california all off the record and friendly. we had these problems with china before whether it was human rights violations or currency manipulation. nothing ever changes because they are of crucial trading partner to the united states and even though businesses are the financial threat of cybersecurity and seems to me joe biden had a half-hearted approach to this meeting. >> it is difficult, a difficult balance because there's a theory of mutually assured destruction going on with respect to china and the united states government. china is doing a lot of cyberthreats and it is a problem for the united states but at the same time we are so dependent on the economy and vice versa the chinese with their exports to the united states it is like we are sweeping the problem little bit under the rug but i do believe the obama administration and many in congress are concerned about this and are looking to take more positive and possibly punitive actions against the chinese government. cheryl: the ceo of lloyd's of london d
position. >> bill: the mathematics has not really changed. in terms of the power of the hispanic vote, the fastest growing segment of the american population as well as the american political establishment, if you will. and president obama getting 71% of that vote in 2012. that as some republicans have pointed out, if we ever want to take back the white house we're going to have to have some outreach to the latino community. so on the one hand, on the national level that's what's good for the party but there are so many house members who just don't give a damn, right? >> exactly. that's the problem when you have a party that doesn't really have a national leader right now. i mean mitch mcconnell has his own interests. john boehner has his own interests. eric cantor has his own interests. every member of the house, the back ventures, they're worried about how can i get re-elect and bring money back to my district. >> bill: what are you saying that reince priebus is not the leader of the republican party? >> i think it is clear that gone are the days when you have a figure like george w
believe my offset does that in a fitting way. like president obama, i think we need an all-of-the-above energy policy and i'm not here today to debate the cause of global warming or climate change, but temperatures and sea levels are rising and fossil fuel consumption is a contributing factor. so as long as we are forced to rely on fossil fuels we need to also deal with the fallout from our own energy policies. we need to protect our coastal communities from future devastation and for these reasons i urge my colleagues to support this amendment. i yield back the balance of my time. thank you. the chair: the gentleman from massachusetts yields back the balance of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from new jersey seek recognition? mr. frelinghuysen: i move to strike the last word, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, i rise to oppose the gentleman's amendment. i share the gentleman's support for smart investments in our nation's water resources infrastructure, though. in fact, the army corps of engineers has always been one of the top priorities in our energy and water bil
to check it because the models change day by day by day. >>> let's get to michaela for the latest headlines. >> good morning to you at home. new this morning, cnn learned president obama is seriously considering a total troop withdrawal from afghanistan. so-called zero option could happen as quickly as next year. mr. obama is frustrated with the country's president hamid karzai. according to the "new york times" the relation is unraveling. >>> egypt's interim leader mansour ordering an investigation into the killing of dozens of mohamed morsi supporters at the republican guard compound. state media also reporting mansour issued a constitutional declaration giving himself limited power to make laws and outlined a timetable for parliamentary and presidential elections. >>> venezuela's government says it has received a formal request of asylum from nsa leaker edward snowden and has made an offer. it is waiting to hear back from him. the country's foreign minister did caution russia also has to weigh in on the request if he accepts. snowden also has offers from bolivia and nicaragua for asylum.
the rules, then we'll change the rules, so we blocked two. that's what happens around here. but other than that, it's zero. and then the majority leader said that there's been some big delay about president obama's nominees. these aren't throwing statistics around. that's either true or it's not true. here's what the "washington post" says and the congressional research service says. "the washington post" by al cayman, march 18, 2013, president obama's second-term cabinet members are going through the senate at a rate that beats the averages of the last three administrations with second terms. president obama is being better treated in terms of his cabinet nominees than the last three presidents. i asked the congressional research service the same -- the same question. they said "as of june 27, last month, his nominees were still on average moving from announcement to confirmation faster than those of president george w. bush, faster than president clinton." someone in the democratic caucus needs to hear this. the number of people who have been dough -- denied a seat by filibuster is zero.
with the cpb. they want to fundamental change that. i'll take you back to the beginning of 2012 when the fight over the nlrb nominee and the cb nominees, gridlock in the senate that president obama went to use his recess appointment authority and install flows, install them into office but that caveat in all that was this happened during the pro forma session of the united states senate. and republicans were furious. i mean they said that this was something that was unconstitutional, it went to court and now is before the supreme court. now, democrats will say that look this is an unprecedented move by the republicans to block nominees because they don't like their board or the agency. and the nlrb they say will cease to function if it doesn't have a full board. .. , any judge or jury will use the nuclear option until the filibuster is gone altogether. it all comes will head next week. >> that happens tuesday. >> that monday evening there is going to be a meeting, very rare meeting among senators from both parties in the old senate chamber just off the senate floor. they are going to talk
Search Results 150 to 174 of about 175 (some duplicates have been removed)